Andy-Thumper (kibosh) wrote,

Yesterday I bought Trainspotting from the Best Buy. I was carrying it around, idly looking for other Ewan McGregor movies when someone passed me and said to her boyfriend "What's that movie with all the heroin addicts?", and I snuck to the other end of the aisle and muttered "DON'T MATTER TO YOU, DOES IT, FUCKERS? BWA HA!"

They'd been irritating me by standing in my way at every turn anyway. Jerks.

Um, I started class. I foresee much sucking up to my professor in my future. She seems like the type I was teacher's pet of back in high school before all my English teachers were male (meaning, junior and senior years). But, today we read poetry that we brought in. I read "I will live and survive" by Irina Ratushinskaya. Translated, of course. This is the poem I won a itty gold medal that I'm disgustingly proud of in Oral Interpretation. By the time I got to the end, I stumbled once because I was shaking so bad it was hard to speak. I used to be better at this talking thing. I guess I need some practice.
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